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Soal IPA UN SD 2009

Fundamental physical laws state that all mass is made from energy. The differing forms of energy, such as mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, kinetic, thermal or nuclear energy, are interchangeable and can be transformed between each other. At the same time, only a part of the primary energy can be transformed into so-called secondary energy. A large part of primary energy is lost or wasted as unusable energy, for example in the form of wasted heat, to the surrounding environment. It is possible to change secondary energy back into its original state but even this process is subject to transformation losses. Energy losses are even noticeable during the transport of energy and such losses are referred to as transport losses.

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During all transformation processes, we strive to maintain the energy losses associated with it to a minimum. The transformation from one form of energy into another is part of our daily lives. For example, a light bulb transforms the electrical energy passing through it into light radiation emitted into its surrounding environment. However, the basis of many kinds of energy transformation, such as with the partitioning of nuclei, can be much more complex physical or chemical processes.
All our economies are based on the use of primary and secondary energies. Without different forms of energy, no machinery could exist in industry, commerce, transportation, nor even in the home. Our modern world would simply not exist without energy.
Money reading is the ability of man to make predictions about future events and give interpretation of historical events in the life of man. Psychic reading is as old as humanity itself. The practice of horoscope reading started as a result of mans quest to give meaning to his life. The world in which man found himself is a mysterious one. Man uses psychic reading as a means to explain certain occurrence is his life like the untimely death of a loved one or some natural disaster that is beyond.
Astrology reading when put side by side with the natural seems to have the same objectives and similar methods. However science and psychic reading differ greatly in many aspects.
Science is the systematic study of the physical and natural world. Science restricts its activities on the physical realm and does not claim to operate on the metaphysical realm as psychic readers.
Horoscope reading has been criticized by critics largely because it does not follow the method of the natural science. Psychic reading lacks empirical verification. The compliance of psychic reading to the method of natural science makes some to raise objection to the practice of clairvoyant reading. No scientific explanation has been able to explain beyond reasonable doubt the authenticity of the practice of the psychic readers. They study of astrology reading by some scientists showed that psychic readers' claims are nothing but illusions and psychic reading is nothing but exploitative. What psychic readers are using is more or less a trial and error method. Some of the psychic readers use personality analysis to predict human behavior since the knowledge of personality analysis improves self awareness.


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